For years we've been exploring skateboard construction and throwing away industry convention. Our way or no way.  

Our Mission

To be the best, no matter the cost!

We've poured everything we know about what makes skateboards great into each board. Our knowledge base is without equal in the UK and it shows in every step of our design process, but most importantly, in the end product. Once you've ridden a Boardlogic deck, nothing else will ever ride the same again. 

Our story

  • Four years ago, in a Napoleonic dock, we blagged some workshop space and made our first prototype. It's still going.
  • Immediately we started tweaking our initial molds and over a race season took decks to races and freerides all over Europe. 
    • We've been under the feet of the best skaters in the UK since inception. They know. 
  • Three years ago we made our first RaceLite board and it's followed our riders around for another season. 
    • We took our initial concepts, added lots of lightness, took away none of the essence and created a super light, super stiff board that's still going.
  • Two years ago we realised that Boardlogic could be more than just a hobby and updated our offerings to include a more rounded selection of boards. 
  • Since then we've been making and selling boards to riders all over to race and enjoy!
The very first RaceLite prototype still being thrashed!

The very first RaceLite prototype still being thrashed!

Our Principles

We will never compromise on materials. Ever.