Team Riders

Olly G

Squattage is Wattage.

Olly Goodwin, Olly MFG! OG! All these things, from the deepest darkest south west he crawls into the North, destroys hills and then disappears into the ether not to be seen till the next race. 


Official Boardlogic Scallyway, Ben's an up and coming young ripper that skates everything! Bowl, Slalom, DH and freeride with an excellent illustration style to go with. 


Luke is the most recent addition to the team, flowing a heavy hitting standup style into his racing. He's starting to take home some "no paws" victories!


Dan's broken.

Best known for breaking barriers, chest and legs first, Dan's not got a lot going for him skate wise, but we admire his spirit, and his weight.  

Joining our crew

A how to guide:

The simplest way to make the team is to meet us!

Come hunt us out at events, check our FB for where we're travelling and come say Hi! You can find the events we'll be at on our Facebook page here! Boardlogic Events. We love meeting excited people and are always down for a chat. The team loves Belgium beer, Somerset Cider and Whisky!


If you can't meet us at an event, get in contact and we'll see what we can do to help. We do have an application criteria though.....

DH: Videos of you ripping

Freeride: Videos of a 360