Manufacturing method

Hand made, to order. Nothing less. 

MAKING A DECK - Hand made in the uk

We press our boards, in house, one at a time in CNC machined molds under as uniform a pressure as practicable, something that very few can say. How does that make us different? It means that our boards don't suffer from the same internal stresses that plague other hand built companies. Our boards are built to last from their inception. 

We control every step of production, we use CNCs we designed and built specifically for skateboards to make the molds, our own technology to heat them, our sweat to make the presses and our ingenuity to pull it all together. 

What does all that really mean? It means that when we put a new board design out, we've thought about every millimeter.


Wood - We use sustainably forested, fast growing European hardwood wood in all our wood core boards. We will only ever use European woods that are traceably forested, processed and replanted. We firmly believe that every component we use should have as few travel miles as possible.

Composites - We use a variety of composite technologies and fabrics in our boards and 55% biomass based epoxies wherever technology allows. 

Apparel - All our apparel comes from sweatshop free suppliers. Wherever possible we use organic cotton. When that isn't possible we're actively searching for reliable replacements. In recent years "Organic Cotton" has become so popular that many small companies exist based on lies. We will only ever use approved organic cotton suppliers that are transparent and 100% traceable. If we're not satisfied with their status, we'll find someone else.

Keeping beautiful places beautiful

Keeping beautiful places beautiful